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Texas Emoji

Developer: AdultEmojis
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Texas Emoji+160 icons of Texas love for texting. Texas Emoticons that scream God Bless Texas.
If you like Emojis, like texting and like Texas, you'll LOVE this awesome Texas Emoji. It's a set of 160 mini-pictures of everything's that's great about Texas. Use them for texting and chatting and you'll get a good laugh every time. Texas Emoticons at their best.
Tex moji with lots of texan phrases and icons. Texmoji with Texas hashtags. Tex emoji with rodeo and wild west symbols. Texmoji with stickers. And finally, Tex moji with food. Lots of mexican food, like Tacos, Burrito & Nachos with queso.
When you send them, amazed reactions are guaranteed from your friends and family. Brag your love of Texas of express yourself in new ways with these Texas Emojis and icons. It doesn't matter where you're from: Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington... As long as you're Texan (or you just love Texas) you'll enjoy these Texas Emojis and icons.
You'll see cowboys, cowgirls, monster trucks, beer, Mexican food such as burrito & tacos, the Alamo, Football and much, much more 100% Texmoji Emoji. It's THE Texas Emojis and Emoticons you've been waiting for!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please note: Emojis are sent via message/chat app as mini-pictures. They cannot be added as a system keyboard like the standard Emoji.